Great Personalities Make Great Photos

Tuesday October 29th, Test Shoot with Jessica Comiskey This story starts as we adventured down into Bario Logan, South of Downtown San Diego, location scouting. Getting yelled at by MTS Supervisors for being to close to the trolley rails, having an entourage and audience of Hispanic males whistle and watch with eyes glistening wide, jaws dropped to the floor, we practically had to wipe the drool off of their chins. Even being threatened to never come back to the alley we were shooting in (for what reason i will never know…). None the less this shoot was full of excitement, and throughout the seriousness, eminent danger (exaggerated), lots of laughs were shared. It’s always an amazing feeling capturing some great images and just feeling the energy on a photo shoot. Shooting portraits, with a model or any subject, can be difficult if you aren’t comfortable with each other or as in our case are new to working together. This can be evident in the shots as the photographer and model try to produce the best work they can. Being comfortable, natural, and having fun usually produces some of the key shots for both amateur and professional models… With that said working with model and now friend, Jessica Comiskey, was nothing but fun, easy, and comfortable! The resulting shots evidence how natural and easy it was to shoot her and for us to be able to get great fun natural and serious shots, while both doing our due diligence and producing the best results possible! This was a test shoot, which means trying to play with different equipment set ups, settings, and a new model, and yet as I said we produced some great shots! All’s well that ends well… Until our next shoot that is!!!


Technology and the College Generation


  • As a professor who favors pop quizzes, Cedrick May is used to grimaces from students caught unprepared. But a couple of years ago, in his class on early American literature at the University of Texas at Arlington, he said he noticed “horrible, pained looks” from the whole class when they saw the questions. He soon learned that the students did not know he had changed the reading assignment because they did not check their e-mail regularly, if at all. To the students, e-mail was as antiquated as the spellings “chuse” and “musick” in the works by Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards that they read on their electronic books.

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Intimidating Photo Subjects

Sometimes you have the opportunity to shoot someone famous, sometimes it’s just a small business owner, or even a homeless man. Well the most intimidating photo subject a photographer will ever have is another (far more experienced) professional photographer. Internationally published photographer Jeanne Rice, who I am lucky to say is my mother, was probably one of the easiest yet most difficult subjects I could ever shoot. Shooting since childhood much like myself she has years of experience and taken photos for Rolling Stone Mag, N.M.E. London and Getty images. shooting the likes of Tony Hawk, Travis Barker, Mick Jagger, 50 Cent, Henry Nicholas, Darin Erstad, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and more. Well I think you get the point. None the less I’m super happy with how this head shot came out and I’m blessed to have learned my skill from such an amazing talented person.

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Cars@USD- 1st Car Show



University of San Diego, undoubtedly is known for being pricey. That being said we see some very cool and different vehicles. Exotics, customs, and everything between is found parked on campus. Though for most people the shocker is that these are student driven/owned. A Lamborghini Aventador, Audi R8‘s, Beemers, Astons, Fords, Imports, and Domestics you can find it all. Some Students decided we should have a forum/club for people to join in their passion for vehicles & to just connect and share. Cars@ USD was born… and in this same context the first car show was thrown together this last Friday the 13th of September. Old and New, custom and stock. There was definitely a little mix. I got some good pics and it was a great first meeting with people from different affiliations in San Diego outside of USD coming to join!


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the beginning stages…

This is all a new experience, blogs, having a site for my content, and using this type of platform. A fun new venture to share my experiences and gain some exposure.

I’m using this site to have a simple, creative, and new way to share the images I capture, and include a little story behind them. Instagram I found as a great tool to share simple or creative imagery from my daily life via my iPhone, but its been long overdue to have something more sophisticated with greater reach. I’m still on the learning curve so bear with me. But I promise new posts soon…including my own copyrighted professional images and even a few images from my personal life via my state of the art (chuckle to myself) iPhone camera!

for your viewing and enjoyment.

ryan philip laneCatalonia Graffiti

On the walls of a building in the heart of Catalonia Spain, I captured this unique and street worthy graffiti art: it feautures a Catalonian flag with the inscription “CATALONIA  is NOT SPAIN” to separate themselves (the catalonian people) as individuals.